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The Freedom to Do

We believe that life is not just about
accumulating wealth but also about creating
meaningful experiences.


Safeguarding personal wealth is not just a priority; it’s a commitment. We employ strategic measures and expert guidance to ensure the security of your assets. We thoroughly assess your risk tolerance and personal goals, resulting in solutions designed to empower you to pursue your financial goals with confidence. We go beyond traditional financial services and focus on the bigger picture of building a life full of what matters to you and your family.

“Through our experience and integrity, we build trusting relationships to help our clients do more.”



Hudnall Wealth specializes in delivering personalized financial services specifically designed for physicians and medical professionals.


Empower your future with a complimentary disability quote—because protection is the first step towards peace of mind.

You worked hard to build
your business. Protect
your largest investment.

From investment strategies and insurance products to business succession and estate planning, our advisors will help create a tailored financial plan to protect your business.

“Matt Hudnall is a great financial advisor. He has a real personal touch and does a great job explaining complex investment strategies. Really enjoy working with Matt and Savannah.”


The Freedom to Do

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Securing Your Legacy – The Crucial Role of Estate Planning

Securing Your Legacy – The Crucial Role of Estate Planning

Estate planning is a powerful tool that extends far beyond the distribution of assets. It is a strategic process that allows individuals to protect their legacy and provide their loved ones with an easier transition during challenging times. In this article, we will...

Building Financial Resilience – Emergency Fund Strategy

Building Financial Resilience – Emergency Fund Strategy

Life's journey is a complex tapestry woven with unpredictable threads, and navigating unexpected financial challenges can be daunting. In this article, we delve into the profound significance of cultivating an emergency fund, strategic financial protection designed to...